about me


18.06 ✦ she/her

Hello! I am K0r1, an italian self taught artist and now streamer, since I was a kid I always loved to draw and wanted to make something mine. I hope you enjoy my Art and it brings you some joy as it does to me.


Make sure to read the Terms of Service before asking for any commission

1 emote

15 EUR

8 emotes

100 EUR

Sticker version +2 euros each


35 EUR


60 EUR

Different clothes on same pose +15 EUR
Compexity fee +15 EUR (Might be more on very difficult ones)
-Can have a simple bg, more complex backgrounds will be an added charge.

full package

85 EUR

Includes 1 fullbody and 2 headshots

Different clothes on same pose +15 EUR
For Party Commissions every Character after the 4th will be -10 EUR, animal companion included if they are simple ones and both everybody gets both alone and group Artwork
-Can have a simple bg, more complex ones will be an added charge.

reference sheet

160 EUR

It includes:
1 Fullbody + Back
2 Headshots
1 Halfbody
Additional items(1 to 3)
Color Palette

Png tuber

Starting From 60 euros

Thigh Up Model as a base
+10 euros added for each simple expression chosen
+20 euros for more complex expressions added (arms or trinkets change a lot in the pose)
-Design fee might be added (if there is no visual reference for the character beforehand there may be a fee applied)

V-tuber model + rigging

Starting From 1200 EUR

-3 Expressions Included(Examples: Tears, Pout, scared, stickers like expressions)-The price might vary based on difficulty

NSFW Commissions

Prices are the same as SFW Commissions but prices may change depending on piece complexity.Can have a simple bg, more complex one will be an added charge.

terms of service

-The commission will be a digital good
-I retain the rights to use it for my portfolio and promotions
-I retain the right to refuse a commission
-Commercial work can be discussed
-I usually work with a waiting list, feel free to contact me and i'll insert you in the sooner date i can
-Payment is after the sketch on Paypal,I will send you the invoice, it is in EUROS
-For bigger commissions, like parties, to lock a spot i require half the payment before i start working.
-A complexity fee might be added for difficult designs ( Examples: wings, complex creatures, very intricate armor, spirits and illusions)
-If the commission has to be cancelled by the client after i started working on it there will be a partial refund if i only worked on the sketch, if i reached later stages there will be no refund.
-During the sketch phase there is unlimited changes.
-Process works like this: Sketch > Lineart/flat color > Final Drawing
-During Lineart and flat color stage color changes are allowed and unlimited, but only minor details of the lineart can be changed before an additional charge is added.
-Turnaround Time is 10/14 days, could be longer for bigger projects. Please remember to answer my emails /messages during the time or without your feedback i feel like i can't proceed with the work
-I might stream the commission on discord or twitch, if you wish for it not to show or for me not to share it please just let me know from the beginning of the process.
-Sundays are rest days.
-Feel free to ask for more info to my Email [email protected] or my Discord k0r1